Monument has transitioned all of its document controls and bidding to the cutting edge Procore cloud-based management platform.

All subcontractors, vendors, and salespeople trying to get access to plans, documents, or bid invitations should register as a vendor in our Procore system. Please email your company information, your name, and email to to get set up.


1. Get registered now and don't be afraid to log in and access your jobs. Monument has an open book policy with Owners and Subcontractors.

2. Ask how to access to the mobile app to view the plans and specs on any mobile device. You will look at them far more than you expect.

3. Procore uses emails for alerts. Briefly scan their email for the required information, hit "Reply" to enter a response or action, and delete the email. All of the documents and use records are maintained in the cloud.

4. Take the time to learn how to submit RFIs, submittals, quotes, and payment request through the system. You can eliminate much of your document generation, and Procore tracks everything.